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It’s time to flex the biceps of the wrestlers under the sun of Mexico in Super Wrestlers : Slaps Fury. Prove to the world that it’s possible to break heads as a job and still to be able to pose for the magazines in this arcade-like game. Test your reflexes and your management ability and become the champion and the superstar of Mexican Wrestlers!When you want to become an icon of the wrestling world you need to be able to get out of your comfort zone. You’re not yet Mister Universe but since you’re not so far from it... slap and destroy others wrestlers. Earn some popularity and answer the exigencies of the photographers to gain a lot of fan before your next fight. Super Wrestlers : Slaps Fury is a game of reflexes and management in which you will need to string together catches kicks and punches. Numerous crazy weapons are also available to you and you will love them so much: guitar chicken pinata buritos fajitas pimientos and more... but your preferred weapon will surely be to launch your friend Pepito on other wrestlers..." Aie Carramba !!!"Are you ready to rumble ?The levels of fights will keep getting longerand complexe through a hundred of levels which compose the game. Finish them all and become the king of the Mexican wrestlers of your social circle.CARACTERISTICS- 100 levels- 300 stars to collect- Best score- Touch the screen to interact
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