Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1 : What is Game Field by Tune Talk?

Game Field is a one stop portal that is dedicated especially for TuneTalk’s subscribers with unlimited HTML 5 games. There are more than 30 games available in the portal and the numbers are growing with new and updated games every month.

2 : How do I play the games?
You need to be subscribed to the service first before you are able to access the portal to play each game. In order to subscribe, send ON GFLD to 2345 for RM1.50/week. The games can be played on most smart phones as well on desktop. User need to ensure that they are connected to the internet to play the game.

3 : What are the phones compatible to play the games?
The games can be played on iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, IPad mini, iPod touch) version 3.0+ as well as android devices version 2.0+

4 : How many games can I play?
You may play as many games as there are available in the portal. Come back often to see other new, fun and exciting games to play.

5 : Is the data usage charged?
Yes, data will be charged based on the usage.

6 : What are the sizes for each game?
The sizes for each game varies from 2MB to 10MB.

7 : How do I stop the subscription?
To unsubscribe to the service, you need to send STOP GFLD to 2345.

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