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You like fighting games, boxing games, mythologic games and Japanese culture? This game is made for you ! The 1st century old legend from the imperial court is taking place. It's now time of the rise of the Yokai spirits, and they want to dominate the world. This mysterious phenomena, these beasts, these shadows, these ghosts, are willing to eat human souls. Hords of Yokai,a class of supernatural monsters with shadow spirit, are now coming after you.You are human's last hope “Yokai as a term encompasses oni, obake, strange phenomenon, monsters, evil spirits of rivers and mountains, demons, goblins, apparitions, shape-changers, magic, ghosts, and mysterious occurrences. Frightening ? Now you understand why you must fight and defeat these monsters... Kill them or they will kill you and all the humankind. Punchs, kicks, use of weapons, special combos... Do whatever it takes but destroy them. Use your boxing skills, and your fighting spirit to succeed. Be fast, hit them hard, use special kicks and combos..., No mercy !!! You will have to fight tons of shadow monsters - Tanuki (raccoon dogs) - Kitsune (foxes) - Hebi (snakes) - Mujina (badgers) - Bakeneko (cats) - Tsuchigumo and jorōgumo (spiders) - Inugami (dogs) The universe of this game makes it truly unique. You must stop the Yukai shadows, NOW !!! HOW TO PLAY Stand in front of your opponents and start the combat. Each enemy has its specificity. A life bar shows your health. GAME FEATURES - Yukai opponents - Amazing graphics - Multiple combat styles - 40 Levels - Tons of Weapons (swords, knife,katanas, shuriken, fire gloves, sticks, wolves head... and more) - A mysterious shop with magical items
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