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Welcome to your own B-movie! You thought you could take it easy at the beach, under the summer sun? Sorry, but you can forget it because famished zombies are invading the place, determined to raid the free buffet that is the multiple tourists who are at the beach, too. Since we’re in a very bad movie, you are obviously armed. Use your shotgun to clean the beach and save all the pretty ladies (you might get lucky). Zombies at the Beach is a first-person shooter in which you must manage your stock of ammunition and kill the enemies that are hiding behind the background elements. Shoot them down as fast as you can; if they come too close to you, they are going to attack you! Be cautious, because there are also some civilians that you must absolutely not shoot! Even if they’re as pale as the dead! Eliminate zombies across a hundred levels while taking care to avoid their mortal attacks. Put your reflexes and your speed to the test and make the putrefied flesh of these morons fly to survive and become worthy of the worst B-movie ever put to film.
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