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The most epic war game is now available.Play now to : "Super Fighting Robots Defense". Defend your spaceship against aliens invaders.They have started to invade the galaxy and destroy all life. The last hope...: the new Spaceship: BOMBER 2000. A powerfull weapon that should destroy the invaders and end the stars war... But this spaceship is not finished yet.You must protect BOMBER 2000 from the invadersLead your units to the final victory. You have a tons of different robots available in your army: adept bomb blazing bot blocker bot blower bot blue platform boom thrower boom bot cosmic bot dino bot drone floating bot force shield frozen bomb launcher generator hyper bomb ice bot jumper king sentinelle mecha bot mega spike drone mini bot mini bot magnet orbital cannon platform random launcher sensor bot sentinelle smoker bot spike drone spiky bot super bot super generator teen bot trap bot twin cannon bot.Every unit has different characteristics and you have to play wisely to defeat your opponents. Make sure the enemies don’t capture BOMBER 2000 or this will be the end of the galaxy…CHARACTERISTICS• Epic battles with a lot a surprises• Build your defense into an unbeatable fortress • Collect energy to build units• Hours of gameplay with over 50 levels• 3 different maps• 40 units to unlock• Compare your score with your friends and Compete against them• LeaderboardPLAY NOW
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